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Doki The Movie (probably would be known as Doki The Movie 2015) is the animated children's film based on the animated television series Doki that launched 2013 on Discovery Kids Latin America channel. The film was directed by Daniel Lyons, and the characters and incidents are created by Discovery Kids. It was produced by Story Choice 102 in association with Portfolio Entertainment and Discovery Kids. It was the new Story Choice 102 film in a while to be traditionally animated. Although this film was animated using Flash, exported as SWF, and converted to Amazingshare SWF to MP4 Converter with no sound, uploaded to Daniel Lyons' second channel, set as private, downloaded MP4, deleted from Video Manager, and sound and watermark was added using Camtasia Studio, converted to MP4, and uploaded to

The film centers around how Fico takes the toy he wants from the store without paying for it. Doki and Gabi try to take the toy away from him so he can get prosecuted, while Fico tries to stop them and get back his reputation.

Images of the movieEdit

Doki the movie logo

Doki The Movie 2015

Story Choice 102 - Doki The Movie Edit

This logo is based off the Doki logo and the text "The Movie" is added by Story Choice 102.

Poster of this movie Edit

On October 28th, 2014.


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